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What is Oort Digital?

Oort Digital is an NFT Utility Aggregator, a layer-0 ecosystem to add infinite utilities to your NFTs with gamified experience.
In Oort Digital, you can lend, borrow, buy, sell, play, and socialize with your NFTs all in one place.

What is the biggest problem we aim to solve?

NFTs are becoming more and more popular nowadays, but most NFTs are just more expensive JPEGs sitting idle in the owners’ wallets after being purchased because they face liquidity issues due to non-fungibility.
Some solutions such as fractionalization have been provided to solve this problem but haven’t delivered the expected results. The fundamental problem is that most NFTs lack utilities.
Oort Digital is here to unlock infinite utilities of your NFTs to put your NFTs to work and allow you to earn passive income while you are not using them, therefore increasing the liquidity of your NFTs in a fundamental way.

Oort Digital adds 3 layers of utilities to your NFTs


Lower the entry barrier, and make it easier to obtain NFTs to play.


Add more experiences to play with your NFTs, and allow you to earn passive income meanwhile.


Bring different isolated NFT projects together in a collaborative way.


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