๐ŸฆธOort Heroes

What are Oort Heroes?

Oort Heroes are unique, digital character representations, akin to avatars, in the Oort Digital Metaverse. As non-fungible tokens (NFTs), each Hero is unique, carrying a distinct combination of brand-themed designs, symbolic elements, and special skills. Each player is assigned a unique Hero ID under which they can possess multiple Oort Heroes. These Heroes are more than just game characters; they are strategic assets, social entities, and symbols of brand affiliation.

Though players may have multiple Oort Heroes under a single Hero ID, they interact within the game environment or a specific digital context using one Hero at a time. The choice of which Hero to use can vary based on the specific game scenario, the player's strategic preference, or the social situation within the Metaverse. This multiplicity of identities under one Hero ID signifies the dynamic and diverse identities a player can adopt within the Metaverse.

Custom branded hero NFTs

For brands and communities, Oort Heroes present a unique opportunity. Brands can create their own custom clan of Oort Heroes, incorporating their logos and specific brand elements. This allows brands to engage their community or audience in a fun, interactive, and potentially profitable way.

Members of a brand's community can mint these custom branded Heroes and, in doing so, become part of the brand's clan in the Oort Digital Metaverse. With their custom Heroes, players can participate in the native RPG battle and access token-gated utilities and experiences from the brands, fostering a stronger sense of brand loyalty and community engagement.

This process provides a compelling method for brands to deepen their relationship with their communities in the shared, interactive space of the Oort Digital Metaverse.

How to acquire Oort Hero NFTs?

Oort Heroes can be obtained through four primary methods:

  1. Giveaways

  2. Hero Mutation/Breeding

  3. Purchases from the secondary marketplace

  4. Borrowing from the Rental Marketplace


As part of our promotional campaigns with strategic partners, we will be giving away early-edition "Genesis" Heroes (Genesis 0 and Genesis 1) to select participants.

Hero Mutation/Breeding

Heritage heroes can be created via the mutation or breeding process. Users can pay to mint new heroes through these methods. If you don't already own a hero, you can borrow one from the Rental Marketplace to get started. For further details about hero mutation, please refer to the provided link.

Purchases from the Secondary Marketplace

Looking for heroes with specific traits like hair color, skills, or Gen? Consider buying existing heroes from the secondary marketplace.

Currently, our heroes are being traded on Opensea.

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We're also in the process of building our own NFT trading marketplace. This will allow users to buy and sell custom heroes and items using $OORT.

Borrowing from the Rental Marketplace

If you're not ready to own a hero just yet, the NFT Rental Marketplace offers the flexibility to borrow a hero. This is an easy and accessible option for those starting out or trying out the experience.

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Utility of Oort Heroes

Oort Heroes serve as both premium memberships and in-game avatars in the expansive Oort ecosystem, offering a wide array of opportunities and rewards to players.

In-Game Campaigns

Oort Heroes serve as gateways to various in-game campaigns, each uniquely created by different brands within the Oort ecosystem. The diverse clans of Oort Heroes allows players to participate in these campaigns, earning them higher reputation and lucrative rewards.

Battle Dynamics

The individuality of each Oort Hero shines in the arena - each one is imbued with different skills and can be equipped with unique items. The thrill of the fight is not the only reward; winning battles grants players the ability to craft and earn more items, thereby expanding their inventory. This expanded inventory provides players with more options to customize their play style and effectively respond to varying challenges.

Rental Opportunities

Ownership of an Oort Hero NFT doesnโ€™t just give access to the battleground - it also provides opportunities for passive income. Owners can rent out their Oort Hero NFTs to newcomers who need heroes for participation, breeding, or mutation. This mutually beneficial mechanism allows hero owners to earn extra income, making the Hero NFTs even more valuable.

Rest assured, zero-collateral rental is an available option, ensuring that it's completely safe to rent out your Oort Heroes.

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