Oort Heroes

What are Oort Heroes?

Oort Heroes are the game avatars in the Oort Digital Metaverse serve as loyalty memberships for different brands' clans. With their customizable appearance, brand-themed designs, symbolic elements, special skills, and social interactions, these avatars create an immersive and rewarding experience for players, fostering a strong sense of belonging and loyalty to their favorite brands' clans.

Custom branded hero NFTs

If you have your own community/audience, you can create your own clan of Oort Heroes by uploading your logos and letting your own community/audience mint. Later you can bring your own clan of heroes to our native RPG battle. This is a great way to engage with your community and bring social, fun, and more income to your community.

How to obtain Oort Hero NFTs?

You can currently receive Oort Heroes in 4 primary ways:
  • Giveaways
  • Hero Mutation/Breeding
  • Buy from the secondary marketplace
  • Borrow from the Rental Marketplace


Oort Digital will create different campaigns with our strategic partners to reward the early participants "Genesis" Heroes (Gen0 and Gen1).

Hero Mutation/Breeding

Heroes from mutation/breeding have the "Heritage" Gen. Hero Mutation/Breeding Users can pay to fresh mint new heroes via mutation or breeding. To mutate, you need one existing hero. If you don't have one, you can borrow from the rental marketplace. To learn more details about hero mutation, please see link below:

Buy from the secondary marketplace

You can also buy existing heroes from the secondary marketplace, especially if you want to get heroes with certain hair color, skills or Gen. Heroes are currently being traded via Opensea, see the page below.
We will also build our own NFT trading marketplace to allow people to buy/sell the custom heroes and items with $OORT.

Borrow from the Rental Marketplace

If you don't own any heroes, you can borrow a hero from the NFT Rental Marketplace easily.


Oort Heroes play important roles in the overall Oort ecosystem as the premium memberships and in-game avatars. Through Oort Heroes, participants can access different in-game campaigns to earn more valuable rewards.

In-game campaigns

With Oort Heroes under different clans, players will be able to participate in-games campaigns created by different brands, earn higher reputation and better rewards.


Different heroes have different skills and can be equipped with different items. More importantly, the more battles you win, the more items you can craft and earn, which will lead to expansion of your inventory. A larger inventory size would give players more options for customizing their playstyle and responding to different challenges.


As a hero owner, you can lend out your Oort Hero NFTs to earn extra income. Newcomers need to have heroes (mutation/breeding) to participate. To mutate/breed new heroes, newcomers need to own/borrow existing heroes. The mechanics designed allow hero owners to lend out their heroes for extra income, which also makes hero NFTs more valuable.
Zero-collateral rental is on and it is 100% safe to lend out your heroes.
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