💹Business Model & Monetization Strategy

B2B2C Model

At its core, Oort Digital operates on a B2B2C (Business-to-Business-to-Consumer) model. We serve as a dynamic bridge between brands and users through our innovative, gamified ecosystem. Brands have the opportunity to join the platform as "clans," which allows them to tap into a wider, more engaged audience. By creating custom-branded NFTs, brands can integrate their community members into our ecosystem. In doing so, we not only aid brands in improving user acquisition and engagement but also convert these brand users into players in the Oort Digital universe.

Revenue Streams

Oort Digital has a diversified revenue model designed to capitalize on various facets of the NFT and gaming ecosystems. Our primary sources of income include:

  1. Sale of Hero NFTs as membership: Upon joining, members can purchase Hero NFTs at a set price of $150. These Hero NFTs serve as a form of membership, granting users access to exclusive content and experiences within the platform.

  2. Royalty from Secondary NFT Market: We charge a 5% royalty fee for each NFT transaction that occurs in the secondary market. This enables us to benefit from the organic growth and trading activities of NFTs within the ecosystem.

  3. Sale of Premium NFTs as in-game items: Apart from Hero NFTs, we also offer premium NFTs that can be utilized as in-game items. These NFTs add an extra layer of functionality and excitement for players and offer an additional revenue stream for Oort Digital.

  4. E-sports Brand Sponsorship: Brands can sponsor various in-game events or tournaments, from which we earn a 20% commission. This not only provides a unique advertising opportunity for brands but also an exciting gameplay experience for our users.

  5. NFT Rental Transaction Fees: We charge a 5% fee on the transaction value for renting out NFTs within the platform (only on top of lenders' earned interest). This allows users to maximize the utility of their NFTs while generating consistent revenue for Oort Digital.

  6. Commission on Net Gaming Revenue (NGR) from Betting: In betting events held within the ecosystem, Oort Digital earns a commission of 10% on Net Gaming Revenue (NGR). This adds an additional layer of excitement to the platform and offers another channel of monetization.

By incorporating multiple avenues for revenue generation, Oort Digital is not only ensuring financial sustainability but also enriching the user experience, thereby fulfilling our commitment to both brands and consumers.

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