💰$OORT Tokenomics

Introducing $OORT

$OORT forms the lifeblood of the Oort Digital ecosystem. It is the native token that fuels interactions, transactions, and decision-making processes, harmonizing the various elements of the platform into a dynamic, interactive Metaverse. The amalgamation of gaming with blockchain technology gives rise to an array of utilities for the OORT token, providing a unique blend of fun, engagement, and rewards for all participants.

Token Utilities


The OORT token unlocks staking capabilities within the ecosystem. Players can stake their tokens on their favorite Oort Heroes or battles in the RPG game, injecting an element of strategy and anticipation into gameplay. Performance in these games will influence the staking rewards, adding an extra layer of excitement and competition.


Serving as the primary medium of exchange, the $OORT token enables participants to purchase in-game items, access unique services, and transact seamlessly within the Oort Digital ecosystem. Each transaction with the token contributes to the economic activity and vibrancy of the Metaverse.


Upholding the ethos of decentralization, the $OORT token empowers its holders with governance rights. Token holders can influence the evolution and strategic direction of the Oort Digital platform, proposing and voting on key decisions. This governance model ensures the platform continually evolves to meet the community's needs and aspirations.

By weaving together these elements, the $OORT tokenomics crafts a rewarding and engaging digital universe where players can explore, compete, and prosper.

Token Distribution

A strategic allocation of the $OORT token supply ensures the sustainability and growth of the Oort Digital ecosystem. From reserving tokens for the team and advisors, strategic partnerships and investments, to community rewards and incentives, the distribution takes into account all vital stakeholders. This balanced distribution model underscores Oort Digital's commitment to fostering a healthy and vibrant ecosystem.

Maximum Supply: 3 Billion

Gameplay Rewards:

Allocate tokens as rewards for in-game achievements, progress, or skill-based accomplishments. This can incentivize and motivate players to engage more actively with your game.

Early Adopters:

Reserve a portion of tokens for early adopters and supporters who contribute to the project during its initial stages. This category rewards those who show faith and trust in your game from the beginning. Community Engagement:

Allocate tokens to foster community participation and engagement. This can include rewarding users for providing feedback, reporting bugs, organizing events, creating content, or contributing to the community in other meaningful ways.

Marketing and User Acquisition:

Reserve tokens for marketing campaigns, user acquisition efforts, and initiatives aimed at attracting new players to your game. This can include airdrops, referral programs, or incentives for influencers to promote your project.

Partnerships and Collaborations:

Allocate tokens to incentivize partnerships and collaborations with other projects, influencers, or platforms. This can help expand the reach of your game and attract a wider audience.


Set aside tokens as rewards for developers, contributors, and team members who actively contribute to the development, maintenance, and growth of your game. This can include programmers, designers, artists, and other individuals involved in the project.

Liquidity and Staking:

Allocate tokens for liquidity provision and staking purposes. This category encourages token holders to provide liquidity on decentralized exchanges or lock their tokens for a specified period, thus promoting stability and liquidity within the token ecosystem.


Allocate tokens to fund the development of the wider ecosystem surrounding your game. This can include supporting projects that build complementary tools, services, or infrastructure to enhance the overall gaming experience.


Set aside tokens for future development, upgrades, and expansion plans. This category ensures that resources are available to sustain the growth and evolution of your game in the long term.

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