🏛️Oort Digital DAO

An integral part of the Oort Digital ecosystem is the Governance system, which is centered around our native token, OORT. Holders of OORT tokens have the power to vote on various proposals or delegate their votes to trusted representatives who can vote on their behalf. This ensures that decision-making power lies within our community, and every voice can be heard.

While our Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) model has not been fully established yet, plans are underway to create a structure that ensures transparency and maximizes user engagement. This will allow us to collaboratively decide on important issues, from strategic decisions and protocol upgrades to community initiatives.

It's important to note that the vast majority of income generated by the project is directed to the treasury. This treasury acts as a communal pool from which funds are redistributed according to governance decisions. Thus, community members not only have the opportunity to shape the future of Oort Digital but also to directly influence how its resources are allocated.

Our vision is to foster an ecosystem that rewards active participation and collaboration, and our governance model is a testament to this ethos. So stay tuned for further announcements as we continue to build and improve our platform with our community's help and guidance.

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