Oort Digital

How to get Oort Heroes?

You can currently receive Oort Heroes in 4 primary ways:
  • Giveaways
  • Hero Mutation/Breeding
  • Buy from the secondary marketplace
  • Borrow from the Rental Marketplace


Oort Digital will host a variety of events to reward the early participants' heroes with different gens and clans.
Only the heroes from giveaways have Gen. Heroes from mutation/breeding have no Gen.

Hero Mutation/Breeding

Users can pay to fresh mint new heroes via mutation or breeding. To mutate, you need one exisiting hero. If you don't have one, you can borrow from the rental marketplace. To learn more details about hero mutation, please see

Buy from the secondary marketplace

You can also buy an existing hero from the secondary marketplace, especially if you want to get heroes with more rarities and certain skills. Heroes are currently being traded via Opensea, see the page below. We will also build our own marketplace to allow people to buy/sell our own heroes and items with $OORT.

Borrow from the Rental Marketplace

If you don't own any heroes, you can borrow a hero from the rental marketplace easily.
Rental Marketplace: https://app.oort.digital/leasing