Oort Digital

Utility of Oort Heroes

Oort Heroes play an important role in the overall Oort ecosystem as NFT-based avatars.
Through heroes, participants can access different games and utilize our Play-for-Honor feature by earning reputation points and leveling up their identities.


Different heroes have different battle powers. More importantly, the more you play with your heroes, the more they advance, which will translate to more power.
The designed mechanism greatly incentives hero owners to lend out their heroes on Oort’s NFT rental marketplace and let borrowers play to level up for them.
In this way, NFT owners, players, and borrowers will all greatly benefit.


NFT owners can utilize three powerful functions to gain rewards:
  • Rent out your 3rd-party NFTs to earn interest.
  • Wrap your rental activities into Oort Heroes to power charge.
  • Play the PvS ( Player vs. Staker) mode RPG battle game as a player or a staker to earn reputation points and access different rewards (financial + non-financial).
These mechanisms create a positive feedback loop for the long-term value appreciation of the Oort Digital network and allow maximum value capture of Oort heroes and the OORT governance tokens ($OORT).

List of Utilities

  • Lifetime Pass to access exclusive tournaments/events/E-Sports
  • Vote/Comment on 3rd-party games onboarded on the dashboard
  • Exclusive access to special merchandise offer.
  • Mutation / Breeding
  • DAO governance and voting
  • RPG battle
  • Building in the Metaverse (Gen0 Pioneer Builder)
  • Farming in the Metaverse (Gen0 Pioneer Farmer)
  • Use the Oort Heroes to access different 3rd-party games in the Metaverse
  • Any specific clan of heroes will also have clan-specific utilities to be built by the 3rd-party projects behind.
  • More