Oort Digital
Oort Metaverse


Oortverse is Oort Digital's 2D Pokemon-style Metaverse that immerses users with interoperable NFTs for in-game avatars, pets, lands, planets, items, quests and of course battles.


Lands are in-game destinations owned and controlled by the attached NFT token holder and act as an integral part of the Oortverse Ecosystem. These in-game spaces can be used to have clan gatherings, social events, pets, avatars and games.
In a future update the Oortverse will empower holders with custom smart contracts to sell your digital assets and artwork.


Oortverse will allow any 3rd-party to plugin their game/project/brand to interact within our ecosystem.

Partner Benefits

  • Advertise their brands
  • Create their own clan of heroes
  • Allow their players to breed/mint characters
  • Create prize pools with $OORT
  • Create mini-games
Presale of virtual lands to drop Q1 2022 with full launch tentatively scheduled for Q3 2022.