Oort Digital

Oort Metaverse


The Oortverse (Oort Metaverse) is a 2D Pokemon-style Metaverse. With the decentralized economy powered by the blockchain technology and DAO, and the interoperable features that allow any 3rd-parties to plug in to create content, the Oortverse will become a truly decentralized society for all digital residents to create, socialize, have fun and basically experience your second life.

Land (Slots)

Lands (slots) are in-game destinations owned and controlled by the attached NFT token holder and act as an integral part of the Oortverse Ecosystem. These in-game spaces can be used to have clan gatherings, social events, E-sports/tournaments, exhibitions, gaming, etc.


Oortverse will allow any 3rd-party to plugin their game/project/brand to interact within our ecosystem.

Partner Benefits

  • Advertise their brands
  • Create their own clan of heroes
  • Allow their players to breed/mint characters
  • Create prize pools with $OORT
  • Create mini-games
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