PvS Battle

What is PvS and how does it work?

Oort Heroe RPG Battle has a unique battle mode called Player vs. Staker (PvS).
You can form a team to be either a staker or a player to battle against another team. As a staker, you can start lending & borrowing your 3rd-party NFTs via our rental marketplace, meanwhile stake your Oort Heroes as NPCs (non-player characters) to battle against real players.
The more you lend & borrow via the rental marketplace, the more powerful your staked hero NPC will be, and the more likely you are to win the battle, which leads to higher APY over time on average.
As a player, you can just use the Oort Heroes to battle. All you need to do is to commit your time to keep playing. If you don’t have the initial capital to get started, you can just borrow heroes at a low price without any collateral needed. (Zero-Collateral rental is on for Oort Hero NFTs and it's 100% safe to lend out your Oort Hero NFTs)