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Your Playground in the Oort Digital Metaverse

Oort Digital is proud to offer an immersive RPG Battle experience, featuring two exciting modes of play: Player vs Environment (PvE) and Player vs Staker (PvS). Both modes are designed to offer unique engagement and interaction opportunities, allowing users to make the most of their Oort Heroes and the extensive Oort Digital Metaverse.

Player vs. Environment (PvE)

Active Competition and Rewarding Progress

In PvE mode, players engage in spirited competition, battling against computer-controlled opponents within the diverse settings of the Oort Digital Metaverse. Players can train their Oort Heroes in the arena, acquire essential inventory, and compete in seasonal leaderboard contests, all while progressing through captivating battles and earning top-tier rewards. Each Oort Hero, equipped with unique abilities and brand-themed elements, will face dynamic challenges, adding depth to each player's experience and journey in the Metaverse.

The PvE mode provides a plethora of quests, challenges, and missions, each presenting opportunities to enhance their Heroes' attributes, unlock new features, and claim valuable rewards. This narrative-driven experience allows players to explore the Metaverse, interact with its world, and progressively enhance their Heroes' strength and reputation.

Player vs. Staker (PvS)

A Novel Approach to Engagement and Rewards

Oort Digital's unique battle mode, Player vs Staker (PvS), brings an innovative layer to the RPG Battle system. In this mode, players can either accept challenging battles or, as stakers, create them. Stakers place their Oort Heroes in Non-Player Character (NPC) roles, adding another dimension to the gameplay.

In PvS mode, stakers pledge their Heroes as Non-Player Characters (NPCs) to establish challenges, thereby inviting players to accept these challenges.

Players, on the other hand, face these staked NPCs using their Oort Heroes. It requires strategic thinking and commitment of time rather than a need for initial capital investment.

Even players without resources can get started by borrowing Heroes at a low cost, without any collateral requirement. The 'Zero-Collateral' rental option ensures a safe and accessible environment for all players, encouraging participation and competition.

Adding another layer of engagement, viewers can place bets on these battles, and brands have the opportunity to sponsor challenges. These sponsored challenges integrate ads and tasks, actively engaging users and offering another avenue for rewards.

The PvS mode offers a diverse range of engagement and rewarding interactions, making the RPG Battle an immersive and dynamic experience for everyone involved in the Oort Digital Metaverse.

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