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Crafting Methodology

Crafting in Oort RPG will consist of these defining factors:
  • Players Skill level (have not decided if the skill is by discipline or all-round)
  • Crafting Area
  • Crafting Materials
  • Specialized equipment ie; a Forge to take metal ore materials to make into a billet for crafting.
  • OEP to pay/put energy into the crafted item.

Rarity (Common/Epic/Legendary)

The rarity of a crafted item will be a formula (TBD) consisting of the value of the materials + skill level of the crafter and an OEP multiplier. All of these factors will result in a final item.
Factored in with the player skill level will also be a failure rate which gets higher the more difficult the player tries to craft an item. A progress chart will be created with available items that can be crafted based on skill levels. ie; a level 1 skill level means a level 10 item would always fail however a level 3 item is doable but at a higher chance of failure but by no means impossible.

Items that can be crafted

  • Weapons
  • Armor Potions (Consumable)
  • Elemental seals (to attach weapons and armor)
  • Scrolls (Once off a consumable magic attack)

Materials (drops different from battle areas)

All battles will have different sites/backgrounds to fight in whether prechosen or random. Each area will have dedicated prize drops of materials useful for crafting and OEP that can be used for many other tasks.
  • Wood (Oak, Pine, Yew, Darkwood)
  • Plants (St Johns, Willow, Night Shade, Mugwort)
  • Gems (elemental and mystic)
  • Ore (Iron, Copper, Gold, Platinum)
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Crafting Methodology
Rarity (Common/Epic/Legendary)
Items that can be crafted
Materials (drops different from battle areas)