Core Team

Oort Digital's team is a dynamic blend of over 20 experienced industry professionals, each bringing a unique set of skills and perspectives to the table. Our team members have backgrounds in gaming, technology, economics, business management, community and tech entrepreneurship. This diverse expertise allows us to innovate at the crossroads of gaming and blockchain, creating a platform that stands apart in its sophistication and user-centric design. We are united by a shared vision of shaping the future of gaming, driven by passion, commitment, and a relentless pursuit of innovation.


Roger Jiang

CEO, Founder

Sam He

Technology Lead

Steve Mclvor

Game Lead

Josh Roybal


Simon Eden


Nodar Kiladze



Our advisory board is composed of 7 accomplished individuals in the tech, gaming, and blockchain industries. They provide us with valuable insights, guidance, and strategic direction, enabling us to navigate the challenging and rapidly evolving landscape of web3 gaming. Our advisors have been instrumental in helping us refine our product offering, secure funding, and build relationships with key partners and investors. Their industry expertise, strategic vision, and deep networks are invaluable assets that help fuel our growth and success.


Harry Liu

CEO of FORJ (Bondly)

Eric Huang Nyuyen

CEO of Spores Network

Garlam Wong

Managing Partner of Momentum 6

Victor Ji

Co-Founder of Manta Network

Yinying Wang

Associate of Deheng Shanghai Law Office

Yida Gao

General Partner of Shima Capital

Kevin Godfrey


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