How to run your loyalty program?

One of the unique advantages of Oort Digital is the opportunity it provides for brands to run their loyalty programs through our gamified ecosystem. This novel approach allows brands to engage with their customers in a truly immersive and interactive way.

By creating their own clans and releasing unique NFT heroes, brands can create a community of loyal customers, rewarding them with exclusive experiences and NFT rewards. This not only increases customer retention but also creates a deeper emotional connection between the brand and its customers.

Moreover, our platform's features, such as RPG battles, NFT rentals, and hero progression, all add a layer of gamification that makes the loyalty program more engaging and enjoyable. This can significantly boost participation rates and foster a stronger and more active community.

It's worth noting that the integration of blockchain technology ensures transparency and fairness in the loyalty program, giving customers full visibility of their progress and rewards.

While we've given a brief overview here, we're working on more detailed guides on how brands can leverage our platform for their loyalty programs.

So stay tuned for further information and exciting updates.

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