How to battle and progress?

The RPG game is a real-time, turn-based RPG battle experience.

Once you've assembled your team and equipped your heroes, the battle commences, regardless of the mode - the game flow remains the same.

The order of attacks during each round is determined by participants' speed-to-hit score, calculated as (Dexterity + Endurance)/2.

At any point before a player's turn, they can choose to "interrupt" and modify their Hero's strategy. Options include:

  1. Changing the Target (however, this reduces the chance to hit the new target)

  2. Using a Weapon Skill (this varies depending on the weapon chosen)

  3. Blocking an Attack (which sacrifices a turn but increases armor and the chance of being hit.)

  4. Using a consumable (this could be a scroll or a health potion, for example.)

All Weapon skills possess a "cool down" timer, and after their use, they cannot be deployed again for five turns.

Additionally, Critical Hits can occur if a character's "to-hit" Range is high enough to inflict a more serious hit on the opponent. When a critical hit takes place, the damage inflicted is doubled and the receiver's Speed factor is reduced by 1. This can potentially affect the turn placement in subsequent rounds.

The battle proceeds with turns being taken, with or without interruptions. At any stage, players can choose to accelerate the battle and allow it to progress to its conclusion uninterrupted - a useful feature if the match's outcome is largely determined and the player merely wants to collect rewards.

The battle concludes when one team is completely defeated. Rewards such as Gold, crafting materials, or even rare dropped NFT items may be given.

Materials are obtained from themed zones such as Forest, Cave, Desert, Swamps, and Ice Fields, etc.

Character Progression

Generations (Gens) possess a certain number of Ability Points which contribute to the Battle Point Values. Stats are the Ability Points divided among four attributes: Strength, Dexterity, Endurance, and Intelligence.

After a certain number of battles have been won, an Ability Point is awarded, which can be added to the character's stats. Increasing a stat enhances the Battle Point Values, making the NFT more valuable.

Each Generation has a progression chart that details how points are rewarded. While Genesis 0 has a faster progression rate than Genesis 1 initially, both equalize as more battles are fought.

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