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How to borrow NFTs?

Step 1: Connect your wallet

You need to connect your wallet via Metamask and configure it to Matic Mainnet.
To learn how to set up everything, go to the page below:

Step 2: Go to the borrowing pool

As a borrower, you can simply click the โ€œBorrowโ€ tab and see a list of NFTs available for borrow under the "Borrow" section. Once you choose the NFT youโ€™d like to borrow, simply click โ€œBorrowโ€ to proceed.
Again, you need to allow the amount first, then proceed to borrow.
Borrowers have to pay the price and the collateral upfront. However, the actual pay depends on the actual leasing time. Borrowers can return the NFT back any time before the lease expires.

Step 3: Borrow the NFT

Click the NFT you want to borrow, and it will lead you to the term page. Read the offer terms carefully. If everything is fine, click "Borrow" to borrow the NFT.
You need to enable Oort to spend your DAI first by clicking "Enable" then click "Borrow" again.
Click "Borrow" to borrow the NFT
Allow Oort to spend your DAI to borrow NFT
Click "Borrow" to begin borrowing