Oort Digital
FAQs about the contest

Where can I see my current rank?

You can check your ranking and score at the top of the event page. You will need to connect your wallet of course.

Can I join the battle after it starts?

No, you can only join the team for the next contest if the current contest has already started. Your liquidity points will automatically be calculated during the contest. For each new contest, your liquidity points will be reset.

What is a raffle ticket?

Raffle Ticket is used to redeem valuable Oort NFT prizes. The raffle ticket has 3 rarities: Legendary, Epic and Common. Different rarity of the tickets can allow you to redeem prizes from different prize pools. For example, if you own a legendary ticket, you can redeem an NFT prize from the legendary prize pool. The pool will have different legendary items from time to time.

Fine Print

In the event of a disagreement concerning the final winning team or rank, Oort Digital will have the final say. Oort Digital can and will disqualify any team or specific members that are proven to have taken malicious action or attempt to β€œcheat” in any way.
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