Heroes Mutation

Updated as of 08/01/2022
Oort Digital
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How to Mutate a new hero?

Mutation Mechanism:

  • The mutation mechanism will take an existing hero and mint a new hero.
  • The outcome Heroes will inherit some of the physical characteristics and skills.
  • For newcomers, you need an existing hero to mutate a new hero. If you don't own one, you will have to borrow one hero from the Rental Marketplace. The mutation will bring more utilities to the Oort Digital Rental Marketplace.
All mutated heroes will not have any Gen. Only the heroes from the giveaway have Gen.
Besides mutation, we will soon launch female heroes and breeding.
Orc and Virus will follow shortly after females and breeding.

Mutation Mechanism:

Source A ---------------- Results B
To mutate a new hero from the original hero, the mechanism will go through 2 rolls:
First Roll: Rarity Driven Choice
Second Roll: Determine the amound of keepers


Step 1:

We roll a dice to determine to keep 2 or 3 traits (exclude hair color).
Keep 2 traits: 50%
Keep 3 traits: 50%

Step 2:

We roll a dice to determine which 2 or 3 traits to keep among the 7 traits (exclude hair color). The rest of the traits will follow the same minting probability in the page here.

Step 3:

The hair color will be minted based on the same minting probability in the page here.


Skills will be selected from 5 elements an array with public weights.

Step 1:

We roll a dice to determine the performance weight:
Very Poor: 2.5% Poor: 20% Neutral: 50% Good: 20% Great: 7.5%

Step 2:

Based on the performance weight, the new hero's skills will be determined with the following rules:
Very Poor (2.5%) Removes 1 (if skills == 3) && downgrade one random skill Removes 2 (if skills == 4) && downgrade one random skill Downgrade all (if skills == 2)
Poor (20%) Downgrade 1 (if skills == 2) Downgrade 1 random skill (if skills == 3) Downgrade 2 random skill (if skills == 4)
Neutral (50%) Skill remains the same
Good (20%) Upgrade 1 (if skills == 2) Upgrade 2 random skill (if skills == 3) Upgrade 3 random skill (if skills == 4)
Great (7.5%) Adds 1 skill + Upgrade 2 random skills (if skills == 3) Adds 2 skills + upgrade all skills (if skills == 2) Upgrade all skills (if skills == 4)
Skills Outcomes (Downgrade and Upgrade) derives from source hero.
Added skills can never be repeated.
For reference, please check skills minting probability below: