Instead of the P2E model that many other NFT games have adopted, Oort Digital adopted a more sustainable model based on reputation and Soulbound Tokens (SBT), called Play-for-Honor (P4H).
Play-for-Honor is a more social-oriented and sustainable model, focusing on building the reputation and trust among the community and turning players into long-term loyal members.
Users first need to create their own decentralized identity called “Hero ID” and consistently do XYZ to earn different reputation points to level up their identities with SBTs.
For extraordinary achievements, users will also be given a special Soulbound item, and later be rewarded by owning the SBT, and everyone will be able to see your reputation achievements as well.
As you keep earning reputation, leveling up your identity, and receiving different Soulbound tokens, you will be rewarded consistently over time whenever we have new rewards released.
From time to time, based on your level and SBT ownerships, you’ll be able to claim OORT tokens and different NFTs consistently, access exclusive social channels and advanced product features and participate in different missions (giveaways, tournaments, IDO, INO, merchandise offers, etc.).
More importantly, more reputation and higher levels lead to more voice in the DAO governance voting, and more expansion of our upcoming Oort Metaverse.
In short, Play-for-Honor is not about one-time contribution for a one-time reward, instead, it's about consistent contribution for consistent rewards over the long term. Your little contributions daily will earn you reputation points. ​​It is about encouraging good user behaviors, rewarding those who actively contribute to the growth of the ecosystem, and giving more to those who are healthy for the community.
NFT Project
User Inclusive?
Token Price Sustainable?
Bored Ape, Crypto Punks etc.
No (NFT supply limited)
Yes (through artifical scarcity)
Axie Infinity, StepN etc.
X-to-Earn (X2E)
Yes (NFT supply unlimited)
No (supported by internal revenue, newcomers play existing players)
Oort Digital
Play-for-Honor (P4H)
Yes (NFT supply unlimited)
Yes (supported by external revenue, brands pay to their users as players)