Oort Digital


Updated as of March 23rd, 2022
The Oort heroes are created in different clans. A new clan is created when a new 3rd-party project onboards into the Oort Digital ecosystem. The clan doesn't affect the hero minting mechanism. When a player needs to mint a hero, the player can choose which clan he wants to mint. The cost of minting stays the same regardless of which clan is choosen to mint.

General utilities across all Clans:

All clans of heroes can go to the RPG battle game to play and earn.

Clan-specific utilities:

Any 3rd-party project can create its own clan of heroes by uploading the logo and allowing its community members to mint a hero under the clan. In the upcoming Oortverse, the 3rd-party projects can easily plug in their own games, and allow their own clan of heroes to be played.