Ambassador Program

The Ambassador Program is designed to provide mutual opportunities for all who are passionate about Oort Digital and want to be a part of this Decentralized Society.

All Ambassador Roles & Responsibilities

As an ambassador, you are here to help the growth of the Oort Digital ecosystem and get rewarded for your contributions. Ambassadors are highly respected citizens in the Oort Digital society, you can earn your reputation as a citizen as you consistently make more contributions, and the reputation will allow you access to different benefits and rewards from time to time in the Oort Digital universe.

Head of Ambassadors:

The head of the ambassador takes care of the whole ambassador program. They check up on the other ambassadors and help out where necessary. They regularly check if the minimum work is done and up to the quality standard of Oort Digital. The Head of ambassadors takes care of new members' applications.


  • Take care of the ambassador program
  • Take care of ambassadors
  • Take care of new ambassador applicants
  • Check the work of the ambassadors
  • Take care of the shill army
  • Link content to the shill army to shill
  • Setup purges (clean shill army)


The moderators are the people that our community members look to, not just for enforcement of server rules and maintaining the peace, but also as role models for what behavior is appropriate for the server. If our users see moderators ignoring or bending certain rules, they will learn that that is ok for them to do so as well.
Moderators should be aware that they are leading by example and hold themselves to a higher standard so that other users will be encouraged to follow their example. This will help you perform your duties smoothly as well as allow you to readily de-escalate conflicts before they become an issue, encouraging a positive server culture.
Moderators should be open and honest with each other in regards to their opinions of the server management and each other as open communication is key to creating a healthy mod team. However, criticism should always be constructive and never used to demean another moderator.


  • Moderate the Oort Digital community
  • Remove spam from the server
  • Look out for scams and hacks
  • De-escalate situations
  • Answer questions and help people out
  • Work with community managers to moderate international channels

Community Manager:

Support and manage your local community by answering questions, providing necessary info, etc. This includes translating official news and articles. Those who do not have a local community or have a small local community, it is required to extend their support to the main Oort Digital Discord community. Foster and grow a strong community in any of the social media we’re focusing on. Translation of articles into your native language.


  • Support and manage your assigned international channels
  • Provide the necessary info to your assigned community
  • Consistent about translating tweets and official articles
  • Support and manage Oort Digital Discord when there is nothing to do in the assigned international channels
  • Foster and grow a strong international community
  • Set up a local unofficial Oort Digital community

Social Media Influencer (Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok):

This is part of our strategy to create a viral social media presence. You are required to have at least 1k followers and put the "Oort Digital Ambassador" tag on your Twitter account. We want people to know that you represent Oort Digital. Create short quality content, memes, or art on Twitter or other social media platforms. Please share your tweets with your local community and get them to retweet to increase your presence. The more followers you get, the more likely they will follow Oort Digital. You need to share your Twitter analytics (https://analytics.twitter.com/) every month.


  • 1K real followers in any of your social channels are required
  • Require to put "Oort Digital Ambassador" tag on social profile
  • Create short quality content, memes, or art on your specified social media platforms
  • Share every social post of Oort Digital with your followers
  • Post messages about Oort Digital on your social channels
  • Get social posts and retweets to a high impressions
  • More with bonus

Content Creator:

Create useful content about Oort Digital like: videos, memes, blogs, tweets, tutorials, media kit stuff, stickers, emoji, art, infographics, and animations. Creativity is your limit. A bonus will be given for outstanding work which will be accepted for official use.


  • Create useful content for or about Oort Digital like: videos, tutorials, blogs, tweets, art, animations, sticker packs, emoji packs, infographics etc.
  • Curate good content from others that can be posted on Oort Digital social media.
  • Strategize with social media influencers about what content needs to be made.

Event Manager:

Help manage official Oort Digital events. Organize meetups for the local community. Organize online events, cross-promotions, and/or collaborations (AMA’s).


  • Support and manage official Oort Digital events
  • Organize meetups for local communities
  • Organize online events
  • Work on cross-promotion and collaborations
  • Host live streams with special guests

Builder / Bug Hunter:

Do you have good ideas that fit well in the Oort Digital ecosystem do Development work and coding for Oort Digital Make sure to reach out to us before proceeding with the task.
The Bughunter - Find bugs on any of Oort Digital platforms. It can be a typo, grammar, or technical bug. Bugs need to be reported on Github issues and please go through all the existing issues to find if the bug has been reported.


  • Development work
  • Design work
  • Find bugs (technical and non-technical)
  • Report all bugs you find

Game Ambassador:

Spot, contact, and onboard guilds to join our game. Organize game events and promote them, recruiting players. Design e-sports events and promote them. Help the community understand the game and create guides if necessary.


  • Onboard new players and clans to the game
  • Organize and promote game events
  • Organize and promote e-sports and tournaments
  • Help the community understand everything about the game and make guidance/tutorials if necessary
  • Stream Oort Digital game on Twitch.tv