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  • Max Lending Duration:
The maximum time people can borrow their NFTs. Borrowers can stop borrowing anytime they want, and only pay for the time of the leasing.
  • NFT Value (Collateral):
The value of the NFT in your perspective (in Dai). Borrowers need to put Dai as collateral to borrow. In case the borrower doesn’t return the NFT, you have the right to foreclose and claim the collateral.
  • Price for Lend:
The price that borrowers need to pay for the Max lending duration is specified. Borrowers need to pay the price upfront, and the price will be sent to the borrowers’ wallets after the lease ends. If the borrower returns the NFT before Max lending duration, the remaining price will be returned back to the borrower’s wallet.
  • Annualized Return:
The annualized return on lends. (Assume the NFT is being borrowed for a year with the same term).
  • Return on Lend:
The return you will be able to earn on one single lend with Max lending duration. It is not the actual Return on Lend because the borrower can return any time before Max lending duration.
ReturnOnLend(Max)=Price/CollateralReturn On Lend (Max) = Price / Collateral
ReturnOnLend(Actual)=ReturnOnLend(Max)∗(ActualLeasingTime/MaxLeasingTime)ReturnOnLend(Actual)= ReturnOnLend(Max) * (ActualLeasingTime/MaxLeasingTime)