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What to do before the lease expires?

As borrowers

As a borrower, you can return the NFT back any time before the lease expires. You only need to pay for your actual leasing time and you will receive the remaining fund after you return the NFT by simply clicking “Return”.
Your actual leasing time is based on rounded hours. For example, if your actual leasing time is 1.2 hours, it will be rounded to 2 hours.
Click "Stop" to stop borrowing
Allow the smart contract to transfer the NFT back to the original owner
Click "Return" to actually return the NFT

As lenders

As a lender, you are not allowed to stop in the middle of the lease until the lease expires or the borrowers return their NFTs. However, you will be able to earn interest in DAI. The interest will be sent to your wallet after the lease ends.
If the borrower returns the NFT, it will be listed back to the borrowing pool again with the same terms set by the lender previously.
Lenders can see the progress of the lease