What is Oort Digital?

What is Oort Digital?

Oort Digital lets brands plug into our platform and easily provide a branded utility-rich gamification experience to their NFT members. Loyalty memberships grow best when there are monetary and non-monetary rewards. We help you integrate both without the high expense of building your own infrastructure.
On our platform, holders of your NFT can lend, borrow, buy, sell, play, and socialize with their NFTs all in one place.

Problem we aim to solve:

As the world becomes more connected, competition continues to skyrocket. In the attention economy, human attention is looked at as a scarce commodity. This approach relies on reaching and converting more and more people to become buyers.
As competition increases, so does the cost of acquiring new customers. To compete, most brands offer lower and lower discount coupons in a race to the bottom.
With NFTs, there is a better way.
Although customer and fan acquisition costs are getting higher, it costs nothing to retain a customer.NFT loyalty memberships provide a digitally native way to grow a loyal community through engagement & rewards. Brand communities come together when members can spend time engaging with them in a fun environment without buying pressure.
Oort Digital provides the tools for any brand to enter the engagement economy. Through gamification of your NFT memberships, we help you keep your community interacting with your brand in a fun, rewarding, and memorable way.

Our solution

With Oort Digital, brands can create custom branded NFTs with our templates, create and manage their loyalty programs, launch campaigns to reward the custom NFTs created, and allow their users to bring the NFTs into the Oort Digital ecosystem to best engage with their users and boost loyalties.
Oort Digital build infrastructures to provide outsourced NFT utilities & experiences


Lower the entry barrier, and make it easier to obtain NFTs to play.


Add more experiences to play with your NFTs, and allow you to earn passive income meanwhile.


Bring different isolated NFT projects together in a collaborative way.


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